Our Mission

Pedal to the Medal

Team Danbury Audi is committed to upholding the values and tradition of Connecticut’s most respected Audi Dealership and the “Truth in Engineering” history of one of the oldest and most successful manufacturers in motorsports.

“We are very excited to have a major presence in a sport so many of our customers are passionate about,” said Josh Weeks, founder of Weeks Automotive Group, which owns Danbury Audi. “Just like the team at our dealership, Team Danbury Audi will be recognized by how it performs on and off the road. We know they’re up to the challenge.” Josh Weeks, Founder Team Danbury Audi


It is our goal to provide a vehicle for amateur cyclists that enables them to achieve their maximum potential on and off the racecourse. We also recognize and welcome our responsibility to give back to the community Danbury Audi has been an active member of over the past 20 years.


Through teamwork, good sportsmanship and a high level of personal integrity, Team Danbury Audi will be the standard of professionalism and pride, and the very model of Truth in Action.